The Department of Geodynamic and Geophysics of University of Barcelona, in collaboration with I.A.G. and L.C.C., has developed seismic surveys on Johnsons glacier during 1997- 1998 Antarctic summer. This survey has been carried out inside the Antarctic Research Projects ANT96-0734 and ANT95-0994-C03-02 of the Spanish National Antarctic Plan. 2D reflection seismic data were recorded along two lines (2085 and 895m long), as weIl as some refraction profiles in order to determine the glacier basin geometry for its subsequent modelling. The communication goal is to show the obtained results, emphasising on the methodology used for seismic data processing. Additionally a final summary of the developed surveys, join to the previous one (field work 1996-97), is also included in this communication as weIl.


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