The FWI method is a powerful tool that allows one to obtain high-resolution information from the subsurface. However, the method is highly non-linear as in the convergence to the solution it might get trapped in local-minima. Among other techniques, it becomes crucial a suitable choice of the objective function. We have selected five objective functions to perform a comparative study under a common 2D-acoustic FWI scheme: the L2-nom, cross-correlation travel time (CCTT), non-integration-method (NIM), envelope and phase objective functions. We test with a 2D-canonical model the susceptibility of the functions to the initial model perturbations. To complete de study with a more realistic synthetic example we test the functions with the Marmousi model. The L2-norm and phase objective functions give the highest resolution images and the CCTT, NIM and envelope objective functions lead to smooth models. However in realistic initial conditions, L2 and phase misfits fail in recovering the velocity model in contrast to the CCTT, NIM and envelope functions that maintain a more consistent behavior.


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