For the last fourteen years , Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) has been acquiring 3-D data over existing production fields in the jungle and/or swampy environment of Central Sumatra , Indonesia . The recent years have seen an increase in 3 -D activity in CPI which has forced an evolution towards cost reduction without jeopardizing data quality. CPI has successfully developed 3-D acquisition techniques which are operationally feasible and economically attractive . This achievement is the result of careful planning to optimize field parameters, the use of a gapped inline swath geometry, an increase in the number of channels available for recording , an increase in the rintis (Jungle cutting for acces) and drilling effort, surveying with GPS, and radio shooting . This paper wilt describe the above techniques and their advantages it will also demonstrate that the 3-D data acquired is of high quality with uniform fold , good offset and azimuth distributions, and economically reasonable for the difficult environment .


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