Integrated interpretation of seismic reflection and magnetotelluric (MT) surveys is a new approach to improve the results in prospecting for hydrocarbons. Recent, successful applications of MT method to the hydrocarbon exploration are discuseed by Christopherson (1991). However, there are few published case histories on the integration of seismic and MT data. The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the interpretation of seismic sections can be improved by incorporating results from magnetotelluric surveys . In Hungary, the Hungarian Oil and Gas Co. is prospecting for hydrocarbons . Most of the work is in several subbasins of the Pannonian basin (Silverman and Barton, 1991) . Although the seismic reflection method is the primary tool employed, non-seismic methods are also applied, including magnetotelluric techniques (Ádám, Nagy and Varga, 1989) and other controlled source EM methods (Nagy et .al, 1991) . MT soundings are used for integrated interpretation purposes.


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