The generalized Radon transform had been found successful in incoherent noire suppression, long-period multiple elimination (Hampson, 1986) and in resampling or interpolation of the missing offsets (Darche, 1990). The motivation for restoring missing data crises from the need to present to any subsequent processing steps a complete, evenly sampled data set (Thorson, 1984). Application of the parabolic Radon Transform (RT) has been found successful in the spatial interpolation of the seismic data (Darche, 1990) .The near-offset gap bas the largest influence on multi-channel multiple elimination (Verschuur, 1991). In our paper, we will demonstrate the successful application of the parabolic RT in restoring near offset missing traces. Unlike Hampson (1986), we propose the processing of the two sides of the split-spread simultaneously; this eliminates the problem of discontinuity at the centre .


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