Existence of local magnetic anomalies with a few nT amplitudes upon oil and gas deposits proportionate with structure contours was approved in practice by magnetic measurements in different hydrocarbon structures and can be one of the searching criteria for hydrocarbon traps. Hydrocarbon migration and microseepage effect change composition of magnetic minerals including nearsurface areas and soils. This process causes the formation of local magnetic anomalies and changes of soils magnetic properties. The results of magnetic studies on oil and gas fields in the Ukrainian part of Carpathian Foredeep are shown. Specific features of structure of the local magnetic field and the magnetic susceptibility of soil are analyzed. The local magnetic anomalies with amplitude of 6–8 nT and a width of about 4 km were detected in the structure of the anomalous magnetic field within the Outer zone of the Carpathian Foredeep. These anomalies relate to hydrocarbon deposits areas with complex morphology. Magnetic susceptibility investigations of soils on the Orhovychi oil and gas field showed close correlation with landscape changes. The anomalies of soil magnetic susceptibility were marked close to productive hydrocarbon areas.


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