A permanently installed SeisMovie™ system was deployed by CGG at Schoonebeek oil field in The Netherlands to monitor steam injection in one of the patterns. The data is of such high quality that we can infer an average reservoir temperature change as low as 10°C. We have also inferred a slow vertical steam chest growth of approximately 1.7cm/day over a 7 month period. These results come from a study of forward modelled data generated from a history matched reservoir model and 4D synthetic and field data attributes. We attempted to invert directly for steam thickness but the limited areal extent of the system (narrow swath) resulted in a sub-optimally imaged stack that did not match the synthetic data generated from the reservoir model (i.e., we could not “close-the-loop”). Nonetheless, the 4D data has given us unprecedented insight into the lateral extent and temporal evolution of the steam front.


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