Reservoir rocks are heterogeneous at a range of scales. The scale of digital rock physics is mainly at centimeter-level or smaller and can’t effectively study the macroscopic factors. A 3D digital borehole model (DBM) is built referred to geological modeling and integrates logging information, electrical borehole images and CT data of whole core, core plug and subsamples. The porosity is a key role in the DBM modeling as it is intuitional and is a reflection of the reservoir heterogeneity at each scale. At the plug scale the porosity of core plug is calibrated by using image registration method. Multi-scale pore network based on porosity distribution is useful to calculate permeability. Multi-point statistical method (MPS) is used in grid refinement to rebuild fine scale structures for coarse data. At the borehole scale electrical borehole images are translated to porosity maps and used to generate the 3D porosity model of DBM with the method of Filtersim of MPS.


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