In this paper, we use field data to explore the possibility of using data acquired in turns, in a continuous line acquisition (CLA), to show that multimeasurement streamers are compatible with this acquisition technique.

We examine the data in straight line sections and in turn sections after noise attenuation, for the pressure measurements and also after GMP (Generalized Matching Pursuits), a joint interpolation and deghosting technique, is used to reconstruct the upgoing pressure wavefield.

This study demonstrates that, while turning, the streamer generates additional noise on accelerometer and hydrophone measurements. However the noise can be addressed if the noise is well sampled and, therefore, can be clearly separated from the underlying signal and attenuated using existing methods for noise attenuation on single-sensor measurements.

We show that data quality following wavefield reconstruction for the data acquired in turns, and the data acquired in a straight and parallel acquisition geometry is comparable.

We conclude that the technique of acquiring during turns is compatible with data acquisition using a multimeasurement streamer, and so can be used as a means to increase acquisition efficiency.


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