We combine Rayleigh wave ellipticity, or H/V (horizontal to vertical) amplitude ratios, measurements obtained using teleseismic earthquake recordings and ambient noise cross correlations to provide improved constraints on the crustal models across the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. To obtain the H/V ratios, we use more than 250 shallow (h<40 km) teleseismic events with magnitudes Mw>6.0 recorded atmore than 450 seismic stations. We also use all the multicomponent ambient noise cross correlations computed for each station pair for the time period 2010 to 2012. Periods between 20 and 100 seconds are investigated. We observe a good agreement between the uppermost geological features of the crust and the obtained Rayleigh H/V ratios, with low values in major mountain ranges and high ratios in sedimentary basins. Combination of Rayleigh H/V ratio measurements from both earthquakes and ambient noise data with phase velocities and other types of seismic data will help to better constrain the Earth’s structure at different crustal levels.


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