Low resolution and poor amplitude-preservation are two key issues in the exploration of deeply-buried carbonate reservoirs in Tarim Basin, China. The reservoirs are buried more than 6000 meters and seismic signal encounters serious attenuation and absorption. Though Kirchhoff migration is commonly used as routine method, its resolution and amplitude-preservation can hardly meet the requirement for precise prediction of carbonate reservoirs. By contrast, amplitude-preserved Q-compensation migration can effectively compensate absorbed energy to enhance resolution and recovery amplitude for deep reservoirs. For these reasons, Q-compensation migration method is adopted to satisfying the needs of deep exploration of complex carbonate. Applications on LG34 show the advantages of Q-compensation migration in resolution enhancement and amplitude-preservation. Moreover, 3D seismic imaging data by Q-compensation migration is used for better prediction of reservoirs. The result shows that Q-compensation migration method has a higher capacity of identifying faults and dissolved caves, which will help the understanding of the reservoir distribution rule in Tarim Basin.


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