A geophysical survey was carried out in the archaeological site of Kyparissia (Megalopolis, Greece) applying the Very Low Frequency technique, as preliminary combined with highly detailed Electrical Resistivity Tomography. Settlements of the ancient city of Trapezous (limestone slabs 0.5m height × 0.5m width) have already been uncovered from the local Ephorate of Prehistorical and Classical Antiquities, revealing a regularly planned town of the classical period. The geophysical research was performed at the non-excavated area of the plain, vicinal to the already exposed remaining, where, according to the expected geometry, the buried walls and drainage channel should be continued to. Fifteen parallel sections with distance 5m and spacing interval 1m were carried out. The processing with the application of Fraser and Karous-Hjelt filters led to the construction of respective maps, indicating some resistive lineation which could be a result of the buried settlements. Moreover, two detailed ERT sections were carried out with spacing 0.20 and 0.25m and total length 200m. The processing using the robust inversion, which is indicated for such environments, adumbrates quite clearly a sharp resistive target that could be the limestone slabs of the ancient walls or drainage channels, confirming the expected lineated geometry of the town.


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