Economically viable copper deposits occurrence are widespread in the ultramafic rocks of Semail ophiolite massifs of the northern Oman Mountains, particularly in the basaltic and pillow lava units of the mantle section. The present study discriminates the occurrence of copper bearing mineralized zone within ophiolite sequence of parts of Wadi Al-Jizzi, Sultanate of Oman using Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) satellite data. Digital image processing methods namely band rationing and spectral unmixing applied on the ASTER VNIR and SWIR spectral wavelength regions were showed promising results in detecting the zone of potential copper bearing mineralization within the middle extrusives consist the basaltic to andesitic pillow and massive lava and the lower extrusives have basaltic pillow and massive basalt in the ophiolite sequences. The interpreted images are verified in the field and through laboratory studies. The study recommends the technique as time and cost-effective and has potential for targeting mineralized zone in similar region elsewhere in the world.


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