In recent years while determining filtration and capacity properties in cores greater attention is paid for considering the anisotropy, in particular, not only for identifying of the lateral anisotropy, but also for obtaining the tensor coefficients of absolute and relative permeability, relative phase permeabilities. At the same time many other characteristics such as tensor characterizing linear dimensions (pore radius), capillary pressure, Leveret`s function and etc. also have a tensor nature. It`s necessary to have methodology and theoretical concepts for determining these tensors. The results of comprehensive researches carried out in the real full-sized core from the North field of Samara region are presented in this paper. The presence of lateral anisotropy and the directions of the principal axes of the permeability coefficients were established in full-sized core with using the author`s technique. As a result of complex laboratory tests for each of the samples the absolute and relative permeability, the distribution of pore radius and the capillary pressure curves were obtained. The experimental results were computed with using the authors' theoretical formulas. After comparing the experimental and theoretical results the obtained filtration and capacity properties proved to have tensor nature.


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