Now design of FDP is based on results of interpretation of seismic explorationdata. As a rule, for the solution of problems of development and engineering of the reservoir 3Dseismic, acquired with application of technologies providing a high signal/noise ratio and a high resolution of seismic images is used. Nevertheless, in some cases, especially if there is a 3-5 yearsgap between data seismic acquisition and design of operational wells"fail" both structural parameters and collector parameters. The analysis carried out by the TNK-BP Company showed that a source of errors in seismic interpretation most often is underestimation of lateral variations of seismic velocities in overburden. Restrictions and "cost " of the OGT method in creation of 3D velocity model are well-known and lead to what not all seismic projects "in support of development" are supported by 3D velocity model constructed with a sufficient lateral resolution. From this point of view there is an actual question of reinterpretation of seismic data with use of the additional geophysical information collected in pilot wells with the purpose of updating of geological and hydrodynamic models of the reservoir. In this paper some examples of implementation of the project of seismic support of field development will be reviewed. Thus the main attention is paid to consideration of Vertical Seismic Profiling technology which is carried out in deviated wells.


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