This paper studies the mathematical aspects of well location and related optimization problems. These problems are formulated in terms or integer programming. Optimal solutions found are to formulate initial sets of cases and to improve the efficiency of oil and gas recovery. Described optimization algorithms are presented as high-scalable parallel programs making a vast majority of cases to be considered. Considered integer programming problems are extremely large-scale problems. The matrix structure, the number of feasible solutions, etc. was taken into account. A new fast algorithm for the generalized assignment (transportation) problem has been designed. Programs implementing this algorithm for CPU and GPU were tested and the results presented. A high scalability and good speedup achieved. Performed tests had also shown better timing results comparing to well-known common algorithms. It is reasonable to use the approach studied in the paper to design a set of appropriate initial cases for the small fields or fields with a complex geology. Presented workflow finds optimal well positions for a field or its part. A Brugge field has been taken as a test case. An improvement of production and NPV achieved the comparison between an initial and an optimal case presented.


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