In the presented paper the PSInSAR data were used to analyse the small, long-period road deformations in Dabrowskie Basin area in Upper Silesia Mining Region (Poland). It is the area of intensive coal exploitation since XIX century. The seven coal mines are located in the basin. Only the one of them is the active mine. The others were closed in 1995-2004 period. The dense faults network with throws ranging from several dozens to over three hundred meters crosses the road network so they also can be the reason of subsidence. Based on PSInSAR data, the interpolation of average annual motion rates were performed for all studied region. The interpolation was done using kriging method. The analysis of PSInSAR data revealed that main roads in the Dabrowski Basin are located in the region with different values of average annual motion rates. The largest values of subsidence rates were revealed for part of road number 86 and part of Eastern GOP Ring Road. In both cases the average annual motion rates rapidly increase up to 20 mm/year and then also very fast decrease to 0 mm/year.


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