The results of application of the complex of geoelectric methods of forming short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF), vertical electric-resonance (VERS) and georadar soundings in the areas of two apartment buildings in Kiev are given. It was established by geophysical studies that the appearance of cracks in the walls of problem houses are due to the man-made and natural water flows.The following conclusion is done: it is necessary in obligatory order to take into account the underground water flows when undertaking the design work for the buildings, industrial structures and objects of the transport infrastructure construction. The neglect of underground flow brings to the essential waste of time and financial resources. The finding and mapping of water flow and area of the raised soil moistening can be realized operatively by complex of used geophysical methods. This complex can be also used for solving the specific engineering-geological problems during new objects construction, as well as for regular monitoring of the engineering-geological condition of environment in areas of already constructed objects.


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