Porosity and fluid prediction of Minagish Oolite, Minagish Field of south west of Kuwait was carried out using geostatistical inversion approach. This field has several reservoirs and the oil is accumulated primarily in the Minagish Oolite reservoir of Lower Cretaceous age. This reservoir consists of thick porous carbonate containing oil in unsaturated condition. Geostatistical inversion using Bayesian inference combined with Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampling algorithm integrates the information of well logs, geological constraints, geostatistical parameters and seismic data. Multiple realizations of geostatistical inversion were generated to output highly detailed P-impedance and lithology of the reservoir, which were then used to co-simulate porosity and water saturation. The results of porosity and water saturation of this study are validated through recently drilled wells.


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