As it is known basic issues of geophysics in the Siberian platform petroleum exploration problem solving are essentially inhomogeneous low layers and background medium. The contribution of low layers response in the times of target horizons appearance several times exceeds the response from these objects. The correct extraction of relatively weak responses from subsurface localisations of productive collectors is a very uneasy scientific and technical problem. It concerns almost all geophysical methods. One-dimensional approaches to deep electromagnetic soundings without taking into account lateral influences of low layers involve the appearance of many "false" subsurface anomalies and the omission of really existing ones. Almost a unique way to considerably correct the situation in this case is to use areal surveying systems with the subsequent 3D interpretation of a space-time data set. Examples that show the effectiveness of the electromagnetic survey in the prognostication of complex collectors with use of the technology of a three-dimensional approach are resulted in the report.


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