In the present study the structural and stratigraphic interpretation is carried out with the help of Seismic attributes (frequency, acoustic amplitude, sum of negative amplitude) around Tapti basin located in the Western Offshore of India. Post stack time migrated 3D Marine seismic data is used for this study. Tapti is predominantly clastic sub-basin consisting of Sand/Shale sequences. The basin is moderately well explored up to the Oligocene level. Most of the discoveries are predominantly gas. Time structure map is prepared along a selective horizon followed by projection of griding and contouring. Extraction of seismic attributes is done over the interpreted Horizon. Time map shows the structurally low and high region. Presence of very high Acoustic amplitude, high value of Sum of negative amplitude, low frequency could be attributed to clean sand. The region having low amplitude could be attributed to non-clean sand means sand with the presence of shale. Structural and stratigraphic interpretation helps us to identify the structurally high region having clean sand properties. Results are verified using Well log data (Gamma ray , Density and Porosity ).


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