The Southern Permian Basin (also referred to as Central European Basin) is Europe’s largest sedimentary basin. It is a typical intracontinental basin that evolved from latest Carboniferous to recent times and extends from eastern England to the Belarussian-Polish border and from Denmark to South Germany. The Southern Permian Basin Atlas (SPBA) project is a joint project between the Geological Surveys of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and the UK and is being supported by a wide range of E&P companies, government licensing authorities, universities and research institutes. The aim of the Atlas is to present an overview of the results of over 150 years of petroleum exploration and research in this basin area. As this gas and oil province continues to mature and with field sizes inevitably decreasing, more and more careful data integration and geoscientific effort is required to discover new reserves. The subsurface characterization provided in the Atlas will also be of great value to governments, researchers and other individuals interested in the deep subsurface.


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