It has been compiled a new structural-geodynamical map of the Black Sea-Caspian Seas region of 1:2500000 scale, paleotectonic sections along the Anatolia-Crimea-Donbas meridian, and maps of divergent stages of the tectonic evolution using palinspastic restorations. On the basis of principles and tectonic relationships of the actualistic geodynamics it has been described 6 main stages of the region evolution from Precambrian to Neogene one. Also It has been recognized and traced 9 collision sutures of various ages that control the spatial location of the paleo-oceanic subduction and the collision foredeeps and backdeeps, convergent magmatism and fold-overthrust structures governing the hydrocarbon traps. This new model allowed delineation of some new petroleum-prone zones and structures within the South of Ukraine.


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