The most widely used problem solved by NPM is complex reservoir rocks’ current saturation evaluation with separate evaluation of oil, gas, gas condensate and different salinity waters in the fluid. Nowadays this problem is solved on a large scale (dozens of fields) in the real production mode with a satisfactory reliability. For example, more than 2000 wells were studied only in Samotlor field from 2000. NPM are conducted in practically each well in the course of planned repair. Our experience in NPM application (since 1997) demonstrated its high information value on geologic structures in Russian and other former Soviet Union hydrocarbon fields, in various (often very complicated) geologic and technical conditions. The capabilities of the set of methods substantially strengthen well logging positions and spread the range of the produc-tion and exploration geophysics problems solved. These capabilities are provided with corre-sponding methodology and practically tested in the course of solving the problems listed be-low.


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