The definition of temperature condition in dynamic because oil mobility is formed as affected viscosity changes during development. In order to illustration of how to big the anthropogenic temperature changes of South Caspian Basin fields (SCB) it were detailed analyzed the 46 SCB fields. It was defined that temperature changes by field and with depth is displayed very difficult. It is considerably difference not only for regional but for special structures: even for same section fixed temperatures are local fluctuations without any rules. It was constructed maps of temperature changes for SCB fields for each section. For different structures is different kind of temperature changes: for ones – smoothly and monotone, for other ones is very rapidly. It was defined that there is no dependence between reserves density and its geothermal features for SCB fields. Presented analyses were shown that cold water injection affected to field temperature with different way. So, is for high thermal conditions fields this kind of injection is not quite affected to field temperature conditions. There is a good reason to think that decreasing of reservoir temperature could be seriously complicate the development process even using enhanced oil recovery methods on the field.


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