Reservoir property such as porosity, its lateral variations and areal extensions can be predicted from seismic attribute data, if they are appropriately calibrated and integrated by vertical seismic profiling (VSP) and petrophysical data. Objectives of the present study are to explore Wara reservoir qualities and their spatial distribution and examine its stratigraphic trapping mechanism by 3D seismic imaging. Gross porosities and sand volumes have been computed and mapped at well locations and seismic crossings. Seismic attributes calibrated at well locations, have been mapped all along and across the seismic grid covering the entire Al-Khafji field area. Cross plotting between seismic attribute values and well driven-porosities has facilitated to derive a correlation function and estimate of porosity attributes. Porosity estimation using seismic attributes of their seismic locations provide good confidence and its confidence is better improved at well locations thus describing reservoir properties between wells and away from wells. Porosity maps derived from well-data combined with calibrated seismic amplitudes and computed sand volume maps, predict sand bodies and their lateral extensions, particularly in the eastern part of Al-Khafji oil field, which open up additional exploration areas for Wara reserve accretion in the Gulf of Kuwait.


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