In Denmark reflection seismic data are intensively used for mapping ground water resources. However, due to variations in the near surface layers, significant variations in the data quality are encountered. Seismic modelling may be carried out, in order to understand the influence of the surface layers. However, in lack of reliable geological models of the surface layers, this will normally not be feasible. In this context we seek another approach, where the seismic data quality is evaluated and compared to borehole information, ground water potentials and other kinds of surface information. By use of multivariate data analysis, a regression model has been established, which reasonably well predicts the seismic data quality. By using this approach up to 60 % of the variations in the data quality can be predicted. The model is only valid in the region where it is estimated or in regions with the same acoustic properties. However, the procedure can be applied anywhere and is also believed to be relevant in other similar cases.


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