Fracture systems are considered to influence productivity significantly in tight sandstone reservoir. Understanding the in-situ fracture network is of importance in the exploration and development of natural gas reservoir. The paper illuminates that 3Dmove stress-strain analysis based on geologic process is a more credible prediction method. It can also estimate the unsealing of different fracture orientation. It is where the shoe pinches to establish reliable geological fracture network model and evaluate fracture unsealing extent by appropriate kinematics structural inverting arithmetic. This study showed the workflow of fracture modeling and the application in a sandstone reservoir using structural validation tools and interactive fracture simulations constrained with lithology, well log and core data. The fracture network model can help us understand not only what a fractured reservoir looks like, but also how the existing fracture network behaves. The presented method only show how we assess the fracture network in the area, every geological setting has its own peculiarities and needs a proper approach. In any case, we need to understand and constrain the geological history to assess the fracture network properly.


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