In this work a complex approach to study a Paleozoic base structure of the West -Siberian plate is considered. The area of research is dated to Nurol trough in the tectonical plan. And despite of a significant level of exploration maturity by various geophysical methods and drilling, there are many questions and unresolved problems. Even such a question as a correct mapping of pre-jurassic surface remains opened till now as the roof of a Paleozoic section is changed by a paleodenudation so that their acoustic properties come nearer to the horizons of the bottom Jurassic complex. Also a seismic picture is complicated by a great number of various amplitude and extent tectonic deformations and the phenomena of an interference connected with discordant bedding of Jurassic sedimentary formation on the Paleozoic base. To create an authentic geological model of reservoir structure, detailed interpretation of 3D seismic data combined with geophysical logging data was required. This interpretation includes structural, paleotectonical, seismic and facial and dynamic analysis of the data being interpreted. The results of the analysis allowed to relate a certain regularity in forming a Paleozoic complex and reveal the most perspective areas of oil deposits.


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