One of the perspective direction of the development of well thermometry is the use of artificial heat marks, which is concluded in the research of temperature distribution formation, caused by artificial heat source, for example during the inductive influence. It is an important task in the oilfield to determine the intervals of behind-the-casing flows. The nowadays thermometry can't solve this problems always, especially when it is observed the behind-the-casing flow from the "up". In the work it is given the results of theoretic and experimental researches of heat anomalies, caused by the inductive influence in the well with behind-the-casing flows. It is developed the mathematical model, taking into consideration the heat generation in the casing dusring the inductive influence, conductive and convective heat transfer in the radial and vertical directions, throttle heating of the fluid in the behind-the-casing space. For the experimental researches of heat distributions it is developed the well model. Analyze of theoretical and experimental researches shows the new approach to the well thermometry for the solution of problems of well technical condition estimation.


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