In this work, we present a method based on the wavelet transform, which is used to localize the causative bodies or sources of potential field anomalies. In previous studies we introduced a particular class of wavelets belonging to the Poisson semi-group such that the analyzed anomaly has a conical signature in the wavelet domain with its apex pointing at the location of the causative homogenous source, in particular, adapting the 1D wavelet method to the 2D case and to enable to process potential field maps. We attack this matter by proposing a wavelet method based on the use of the so-called ridgelet functions. We show how the method developed may be used to analyze anomalies caused by elongated source distributions. We also present and discuss some preliminary results obtained by an application of this method to aeromagnetic data acquired in the Chelif region, in the NW of Algeria, and in Cap Ténès (Algeria), on the Mediterranean Sea.


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