Experimental simulations have been carried out to test the possibility that interactions of SO2 and silicates can produce Na-S compounds which can account for the observed surface enrichment of Na relative to Si on Io (Jupiter’s satellite). On the other hand, one of the possible ways of decrease in emission of sulphurous anhydride in atmosphere is its injection in definite natural reservoirs located in deep geological formations, and its transformation to the stable solid phases, for example, precipitation in the form of various sulfates. The purpose of this work is to study interaction between sulfur dioxide and albite and diopside at high temperature and to discover an opportunity of sulfur transition from its anhydride to other phase. Our results show that the products of reaction are sodium sulfate, aluminum silicates without sodium (presumably Al6Si2O13) and almost pure SiO2 in case with albite and calcium and magnesium sulfates and SiO2 in case with diopside.


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