Conventional imaging processes for a situation with a gas cloud do not offer satisfactory solutions. Due to the complex wave propagation through the anomaly and the transmission imprint on the reflections from below this area, the image below the anomaly is usually not properly recovered. The main idea is that the reflection response of the complex area - e.g. the gas cloud - including its coda, carries detailed information on the gas cloud properties that can be obtained and translated into a transmission correction operator. With this multi-dimensional deconvolution operator the transmission effect from the overburden can be removed from the reflections below these complexities, after which true amplitude images of the reflections below this overburden can be obtained. For the 1.5D situation the inversion procedure is shown to provide satisfactory results. Furthermore, for the 2D case, the feasibility of a full waveform deconvolution process will be illustrated with synthetic data from a complex gas cloud model.


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