Economic power and world social political significance of modern countries interengage with developed industry and production complex. The powerful megapolises are often the centers of heavy industry. The necessity to conduct ecological investigations in these centers is evident.Urban geophysics is a part of ecological geophysics, which deals with the ecological situation at the territories of big industrial cities and megapolises, as well as with spatial distributions of dangerous chemical compounds, determining the sources of these pollutions. A number of geophysical methods and approaches are aimed at investigating the ecosystem of megapolis and the forms of its pollution as well as at studying physical and chemical fields, created due to natural and artificial sources in the process of human multifunctional activity. Magnetic investigations play the basic role in the urban geophysical study. Currently, we have received only primary results of the urban geophysical investigation. Among the four basic components of megapolis ecological system, there are optimally useful objects, which absorb basic forms of the city pollution. They are: soils, biota, snow, air. We will present examples of the soil investigations of different parts of Ukrainian capital - Kyiv and the main industrial center of Ukraine - Donetsk.


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