The dolomite stratum of Cambrian in Tarim Basin is thick and widely distributed. Secondary pores such as caves and fractures are greatly developed. All the characteristics above make the dolomite reservoirs to be promising hydrocarbon exploration area. However, since the dolomite reservoirs of this oilfield are deeply buried, there is little seismic and well data available. And the research on the dolomite reservoir stays on the simple structural interpretation and poststack reservoir prediction, lacking in effective reservoir evaluation method, especially prestack reservoir prediction. This research starts from the rock physics analysis of the Cambrian dolomite in Tarim Basin. Then data volumes of reservoir elastic parameters are obtained by prestack inversion. Finally the prestack inversion results and poststack attribute analysis results are combined to predict the spatial distribution of dolomite reservoir. And the prediction methods and distribution laws of deep buried dolomite reservoirs are summarized. The research is meaningful in the open of the new phase of dolomite exploration, as well as providing an important theoretical and practical basis for the dolomite reservoir prediction.


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