Guided waves comprise relatively fast leaking modes and have the potential for P-wave velocity inversion. That is the reason for the geophysical prospecting community to pay more and more attention to them. Nonetheless, described by frequency dependent complex roots within the Riemann surface of multivalued dispersion equation, they still remain unstudied even for models with one plane-parallel elastic layer. The property of guided waves to demonstrate the frequency tuning effect in case of a waveguide is known. Recently, we succeeded in an accurate numerical calculation of the leaking modes dispersion and attenuation curves with the help of the so-called outpost method. It turns out that the guided waves leaking modes complex slowness oscillate near the correspondent acoustic solution for normal modes in case of close to 1/2 Poisson ratio inside the layer. Here we replace the material parameters of the layer by the material parameters of the environment and check if there is any similar behavior of the leaking modes in case of a high Poisson ratio outside the layer.


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