P-Cable seismic data provides both improved temporal and spatial high resolution imaging relative to conventional narrow azimuth acquisition. This has been used with success to image shallow Jurassic prospects in the Norwegian Barents Sea analogous to the Wisting Discovery in the Hoop area. A limiting factor due to the nature of the acquisition design has been the inability to image below the water bottom multiple arrivals. For the first time a successful demultiple strategy is presented, applied to data in the southeast Barents Sea with an example taken from the latest acquisition campaign.

A data driven, iterative approach is taken to minimise the error of the predicted multiple in the secondary removal phase. Through conservative use of both simultaneous and curvelet domain adaptive subtraction schemes the P-Cable window is extended to image secondary targets within the deeper Triassic sequence. The underlying conventionally acquired seismic data are then compared to benchmark and assess the quality of the results achieved.


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