This paper presents an active contour based tracking work flow for delineating salt domes within migrated seismic volume. The proposed work flow requires minimum intervention and parameter tuning from the interpreter that makes it very advantageous for semi-automated seismic interpretation. The proposed tracking frame work starts by projecting the salt dome boundary detected at the initialized seismic section inline in both negative and positive inline directions, respectively. The tracking frame work continues to project detected salt dome boundaries from each inline on neighboring inlines until results starts to deviate from the desired results. The proposed work flow for interpreter-assisted salt dome segmentation implements an edge-based active contour with an arc length penalty using level sets to dynamically move the curve at salt dome boundary. The experimental results on real seismic dataset show that active contour tracking outperforms other methods for salt dome delineation and require initialization at only four seismic sections to track salt domes in 53 consecutive inlines of migrated seismic volume.


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