The paper describes a methodology followed for the geological modelling and infilling of turbiditic lobe complexes. The full methodology aimed at representing individual lobes modelling using lobes object pre-constrained with a seismic attribute. We first performed a deterministic seismic fault and horizon picking of top and base of each lobe complex used for the geological model and stratigraphic grid building. The seismic horizon picking is also used for extracting different seismic attributes that are necessary to map the depositional objects limits. In addition, a litho-seismic attribute is combined with geological trend in order to constrain the object model geological modelling and infilling. The resulting geological model shows a better consistency with the litho-seismic attribute and a better coherency at a calibration well.


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  1. V.Silva, T.Cadoret, L.Bergamo, and R.Brahmantio
    , 2015, 3D and 4D Seismic Data Integration for Geomodel Infilling: A Deep Offshore Turbiditic Field Case Study, Paper 18306 presented at International Petroleum Technology Conference in Doha.
    [Google Scholar]

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