A permanent geophone array along with a fibre optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) array were deployed at the CO2CRC Otway Project site in order to conduct seismic monitoring of a CO2 plume during a small-scale injection test. This study aims to assess the ability for a permanent geophone array to overcome issues related to different acquisition (receiver) designs, high ambient noise level and seasonal variations in the near surface, as well as to test the DAS system for performing cost-effective time lapse seismic measurements. The acquisition of 3D seismic data is performed for this purpose using ∼3000 vibroseis source points. We show the preliminary results of seismic reflection imaging conducted using DAS data. We observe the differences in performance between a standard commercially available tactical fibre optic cable and a custom helically wound cable. The results of this study and the workflows established will be used for processing a complete 3D seismic dataset acquired with a DAS array before being compared to a conventional geophone array.


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