Empirical correlations are usually used as a predictive tool in geotechnical engineering. However, equations calculated for soils very different to the ones to be characterized are frequently used, and so they are not representative of their mechanical properties. This fact, added to the increasing interest of civil engineering in knowing the shear wave velocity (Vs) of the ground, has led to the calculation of different empirical equations to predict the Vs value of the soils of Madrid. In this study this has been achieved by calculating the empirical correlations between the Vs value obtained through the ReMi (Refraction Microtremor) technique and the Standard Penetration Test (500 NSPT values). The empirical correlations proposed are applicable to the whole metropolitan area of Madrid, and have an excellent predictive capability due to the incorporation of the measurement depth to the equations, which has an important influence in the resistance properties of soils.


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