Complex resistivity method is a frequency domain IP method, and it was very effective means for the mineral exploration. With the rapid development of measurement instruments, it extend its application field to the environmental problems recently. Many kind of inversion technique were applied to the existing 2/3D inversion algorithms to achieve more precise interpretation. As one of this trial, data weighting technique was tried to existing 3D inversion algorithm. Zeta system manufactured by the Zonge Co. was used to get complex resistivity data, and it gave additional information of acquired data with basic amplitude and phase. These information was neglected in our previous inversion algorithm. In this paper, data weighting technique was developed to use it and reprocessed to the existing data set that was used to evaluate the ground reinforcement effect. Through the newly applied data weighting, the shape of phase anomaly was changed in the deeper part of inversion block since data weighting affect the change of these area in accordance with the data quality. This data weighting technique could be effective tools to get more reliable inversion results from 3D complex resistivity survey.


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