High Resolution Chronostratigraphic Geological Grid Models, and their Importance for Accurate Reservoir Characterisation and Volume Forecasting Presented by Luke Van Den Brul, Paradigm Abstract This paper introduces a new approach to structural modelling and grid building that incorporates all coherent seismic reflections to build a high resolution 3D chronostratigraphic model. The geological grid is created directly from this chronostratigraphic model, so that the (k) layers in the grid are accurately collocated with any local scale deformation seen in the seismic data. Trends of facies and petrophysical properties can then be calculated and simulated through the geological layers in this new type of chronostratigraphic grid, allowing for true stratigraphic orientations of facies bodies and flow units between wells. A case study comparing flow simulation results using this new chronostratigraphic type of grid is compared to results from a normally constructed grid (without intraformational constraints), and shows the impact this new approach can have on volume forecasting.


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