Time-lapse seismic is a key surveillance tool, particularly for managing and maximising value from waterflood fields. To enable efficient integration of 4D results into the simulation model history match a 4D Assisted History Matching (4DAHM) tool has been developed. 4DAHM enables the calibration of dynamic models to 4D changes caused by water, gas and pressure changes. This allows simultaneous matching of reservoir simulation models to seismic and well data. For fields where it has been applied 4DAHM has delivered better-constrained models, better predictions for depletion planning and a time saving of 50% over previous approaches. This paper presents the 4DAHM workflow along with two case studies. 4D Assisted History Matching delivers a flexible and efficient means of incorporating 4D seismic data into an assisted history matching or 4D integration workflow - but as with any tool, informed use and good cross-discipline communication are key in maximizing value.


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