Aquistore is a commercial-scale CO2 storage and monitoring project that is injecting CO2 into a deep saline formation (Worth et al., 2014). The storage site is located in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. CO2 is captured at the nearby Boundary Dam coal-fired power plant and delivered via pipeline to the storage site. Since the start of CO2 injection in April-2016 until January 31, 2017, 107 ktonnes of CO2 have been injected at the site. 3D time-lapse seismic methods have spearheaded the monitoring efforts with the goal of tracking the distribution of CO2 within the storage reservoir. 3D DAS-based VSP and surface seismic data have been acquired in November-2013 (Baseline), February-2016 (Monitor 1) and November-2016 (Monitor 2), corresponding to injection quantities of 0, 36 and 102 ktonnes of CO2. Here, we present the resultant seismic images that document the spread of CO2 within the reservoir.


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