Geometrical spreading factor and anelastic attenuation coefficient have been defined for an area of Turkey bounded by coordinates 31° E –35° E and 38.5° N – 41° N. By this way, a new reliable relation estimating typical local magnitudes for earthquakes within this area has been defined. The data used are coming from a local temporary network consisted of six broad-band stations which operated for the period 2007 – 2010. The records of the network have been converted to synthetic Wood-Anderson seismograms and maximum amplitudes of the two horizontal components have been used. The result showed that the seismic wave attenuation is, basically, due to geometrical spreading (n = 1.455) while anelastic attenuation is rather negligible (K = 1.178×10–5). The new local magnitude scale defined here is valid for the study area and holds for hypocentral distances from 8 km up to 200 km, while it can be also used – with caution – for hypocentral distances up to 250 km. The performed evaluation procedure proved the reliability and robustness of the final relation.


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