Geothermal exploration have conducted in the Guci area. The methods were geology, geochemistry, geophysics and Radon. The Slamet Mountain Complex activity is controlled by the straight-line structure of the northwest - southeast, southwest - northeast direction of the main structure. The straightness of the northwest - southeast trending structures generally controls the activity of the old Mount Slamet or the Mingkrik Complex whereas the young volcanic activity is controlled by the southwest – northeast direction.

Areas which indicate Radon content can be interpreted that areas with low permeability, medium (Kalipedes), and high (Guci) are the areas passed by fault section. The radon content measured in the Guci and Kalipedes areas is high-high enough, indicating high permeability - high enough, ie> 40 dpm / L

Type of hot water in the Guci area based on the content of Cl, SO4, and HCO3, Guci areas (GC) generally indicate the type of bicarbonate. Hot water in a Guci in a geothermal system is called an outflow.

Magnetoteluric measurement result can be seen that geothermal prospect area for Guci and surrounding area is at Mount Mingkrik area.


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