Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) is now a well-established technology widely used to derive migration velocities in complex settings where conventional travel time tomography is inadequate. Most seismic contractors have developed their own flavours of FWI workflows which differ in several ways; they utilize different codes with their own strengths and weaknesses, utilize different parts of the recorded wavefield and follow different update-strategies. When running a production FWI project several complex choices must be made and their combined impact is difficult to predict. This paper investigates some of the impacts of different FWI approaches by comparing the results from a benchmark study where 3 seismic processing contractors used the same 2D data set to run FWI free of tomography. It was found that each of them have a distinctive piece of technology that helps to overcome specific challenges in a FWI production flow. Here we show and discuss their results, as well as their route map to get there.


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