In anisotropic and heterogeneous media, the focusing power of conventional Radon transforms decreases because the hyperbolic Radon paths cannot match the nonhyperbolic reflection events. The nonhyperbolic behaviour of reflections traveltimes is proportional to offset to depth ration. Therefore, it is more pronounced for long-offset seismic data. The transversely isotropic version of generalized moveout approximation is a highly accurate three-parameter moveout function for anisotropic media. Here, we develop a three-parameter Radon transform based on this equation for effective deposition of seismic events in anisotropic models. The parameters of proposed transform are zero-offset two-way time, apparent slowness, and anellipticity parameter. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, using a synthetic data set generated by elastic modelling in an anisotropic multi-layer model.


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