The properties of a multi-physics joint inversion application are discussed, that takes into account the information from several geophysical methods, from well and laboratory data and from geological concepts to return a much more reliable interpretation of the model space. It facilitates to merge all these sources of information and the knowledge and capabilities of usually several expert groups in a well-balanced way. A practical approach is described, that helps to solve usual problems for such setups, like the optimal selection of common or compatible parametrizations, the flexible definition of well-delimiting, but non-conflicting boundary conditions, and satisfactory relative weighting of the diverse contributions. Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate forward modelling computations at each of the partners’ sites into the joint inversion framework. To this purpose a most suitable integration method of several suggested ones can be implemented. A practical realization based on these concepts has already proven its feasibility and is available to be extended with additional methods.


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  • Published online: 01 Apr 2020
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